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Terms and Conditions





* SMSLeaf is a trusted Bulk SMS company in Nigeria and we promise to give you the very Best of all our Products and services.

Efficiency is our watchword, hence the need to provide adequate room for research and development. Therefore we ensure that our customers get the best user experience from using our services, and provide support accordingly.

Our mission is to add value to the operations and growth of businesses by providing innovative mobile marketing services that are cost effective. To achieve this mission, transparency, customer satisfaction and support services will continue to be of utmost importance to us. We will always be at your beck and call to ensure you have a combination of the best: quality, speed, and price.



* Prices can change base on market regulations without prior notice to the customers. Notice to this section; Price changes will not affect your current units purchased.


* We will not give our API to you if you are already a customer to our major customers.


* We don't take responsibility for whatever happens with messages sent through us.


* We don't take responsibility for wrong delivery (Type your numbers properly).


* If we found any suspicious, fraudulent, and scam activities with your account, we will block you without notice and you will lose all your units... Prior to the section notice "You will have to submit everything to us"


* Your privacy is very important to us and  we will not share any of your content with third party.



...Our Target is to help you get your TARGETS





Reseller Packages

With just N19,500 you can become a proud owner of a  website like ours and you will get the following FREE of charge;

> 1 Free State GSM Numbers 
> Domain Name Registration
> Website Design
> 1000 SMS Units

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