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At SMSLeaf, we promise and deliver unrivaled value: efficient communication. How ever we employ you to kindly go through our blacklist to ensure that all your messages get delivered appropriately. Avoid the use of such word so that your messages can be delivered effectively. {c0ngratulati0ns pr0m0 w0n call,congratulations promo won call,pr0m0 w0n call,prom0 w0n call,pr0mo w0n call,promo won call,hurray w0n call,hurray won call,won prize call,w0n prize call,pr0m0 prize call,prom0 prize call,pr0mo prize call,congrats,winner,win,yellow,promotion wow,w0w',contest }

Also for sender ID: , All sender ID must NOT start with numbers (numerials) e.g 2wice , 5stars, 3plegate,4square,1love using any governor names as sender ID is not allowed .That is past and present,


1. Upload your recipient's numbers only in notepad format. if you upload with microsoft word, you may be charged more than required and sms may not deliver. The number should only start with either "0" OR "234" 2.Phone numbers in the body of your message should only be in this format 070-3611-3365. If typed in the regular 07036113365, GLO will reject the message.

2. DND Issue update

How to get resolve MTN DND issue
Advice your recipients affected by the MTN DND issue to ACTIVATE DND by sending STOP to 2442,then DEACTIVATE DND by sending ALLOW to 2442 so they can receive BulkSMS.
This is the solution that each individual line would have to apply to get off DND
For more enquirers call 07068785000 sms/whatsapp enabled

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